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About Us

A Professional Car Service is a limousine company specializing in Lincoln town car transportation. We are independently owned and licensed to operate our town car service in Kansas City and all Surrounding Metro cities. In addition to the Lincoln Town Car we also provide all other Lincoln vehicle configurations from the stretch limousine to our latest addition, the Cadillac Escalade SUV.
Since 2003 A Professional Car Service’s number one priority has been customer service and your personal satisfaction. We consistently make an effort to listen to your needs and accommodate your personal preferences. We are available 24/7, for whenever you may need us.

If you’re looking for KCI car service, transportation to Johnson County, Lawrence Kansas, or any other Kansas City airport, call today and ask for a representative, today. We are dedicated to providing swift, professional town car transportation at unbeatable rates. Once you experience our service, you will become one of our clients for life.

*Punctual and safe transportation for our clientele
*Economical rates compared to competitors and other services like taxi cabs
*24/7 availability

Round-trip commute distance (0 – 100 miles)
Vehicle mileage (8 – 70 mpg)
Price of Gas
per gal
Cost of fuel ($1.00 – $7.00 per gallon)
per day
Daily cost for parking or tolls ($0.00 – $50.00)
Wear & Tear
per mile
Depreciation, tires, maintenance ($0.15 – $0.30)
Mid/Size / Mini Van
Large / SUV
(Select option based on type of vehicle you drive)
Direct Daily Expense $35.65
Commute Days
Days per month you commute (1 – 30)
Monthly Cost $861.00
Annual Cost $10,332.00